Richard Powers- Dance historian, instructor and choreographer


More than anyone else Richard Powers has been instrumental in the rediscovery of the waltz as a contemporary partner dance with infinite variety and possibility. Richard Powers, associate professor of dance at Stanford University, leading dance historian, choreographer, and teacher of American social dance, and his long-time teaching partner Angela Amarillas, are excellent instructors! Over the last 25 years they have regularly had workshops in Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, Toronto, San Diego as well as Paris, Prague and Vienna. And their waltz weeks and weekends at Stanford University have become legendary. We are excited to welcome Richard and Angela back to Portland.

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Review of a Waltz Week at Stanford
I have gone to a number of Richard and Angela's workshops and have been impressed by the fresh prospective they bring to social dancing
Below are thoughts that I wrote down after a Waltz week at Stanford.

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Richard Powers's website is a great source of information for any dancer. Especially recommended are his various "thoughts on social dance".

Topics include:

Going out Dancing   
Ultimate Partnering´┐╝  
Sketchy Guys   
The 3 Worlds of Ballroom Dance  
Welcome Chance Intrusions!   
Intelligent Dance: Dancing Makes You Smarter   
Conditional Learning - the power of uncertainty   
Fred Astaire's advice for partner dancing   
Transcendent Play   
The American Spirit of Creativity and Crossover

These short essays are insightful and great reading. There also is information on teaching dance, DJing, descriptions of dances and music more.

Take a look at Richard and Angela's schedule over the next half of year to get an idea of what to expect at one of there workshops.