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Video of 2011 Black and White Ball at Director Park, Portland

Scandieclectic is a dance group motivated by the notion of doing un-choreographed social dancing, mostly waltz, as they do at Argentine vals tango or Waltz Eclectic dances, based on the fundamental traveling rotary ideas of traditional scandinavian folkdances, combined with cross-step waltz--danced to an eclectic mix of traditional scandinavian, folk-waltz, and modern music.
Lilli Ann Carey of Dance for Joy in Seattle is a regular instructor for Waltz Eclectic and promotes weekend workshop with out of town instructors such as Joan Walton from Stanford.

Random Waltz: Marion Newlevant has been a major part of Waltz Eclectic since its inception. With Random Waltz, she promotes events as a recent "flash dance" at Max stations, workshops and Thursday late nite waltz.
Map of Waltz Communities
from Richard Powers

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Dancing has throughout history been a way of bringing people together in community. People sharing in the joy of movement together to music is one of the defining aspects of any culture. In our culture, over the last generation or two we have become to a large degree isolated from sense of community. In Portland at least during the last ten years dancing communities are making a comeback and the waltz eclectic community is proud to be part of it.
After only a couple of visits, I think the strength of this community is in the overall warm and welcoming feeling between the dancers, but also, is fueled by your beautiful and interesting collection of songs which moves people emotionally, as well as physically. Your music tickles the brain and touches the soul! - Uwe Hessinger, Portland dance instructor

Video of 2010 Black and White Ball at Director Park, Portland