The Music We Play

Encore Ball 2014

Eclectic playlist for an outdoor summer ball at Director park in downtown Portland, Oregon

World Cafe

A playlist that brings together music from around the world for an evening of dancing

Waltz Eclectic

A typical Playlist for Sunday Waltz Brunch with waltz, swing, latin and NC2S

Blues Eclectic

Playlist of all styles of blues, including blues swing, fusion and Alt tango.

Swing Eclectic

A playlist focused on Swing- both east and west coast and including music from the classic swing of the 40's to current electro swing.

Eclectic Holiday playlist

Special playlists of danceable enhance the holiday spirit.

Director Park - 2019

Playlist for the 2019 Encore Ball at Director Park, Portland, Ore

Zoom Playlist, Oct. 2020

A playlist from a Zoom dance from the pandemic days

Dance Eclectic - Americana playlist

An eclectic playlist of danceable Americana and Roots music.