Saturday, Dec. 3 - Blues Eclectic at Norse Hall

Sat., Dec. 3 - Blues Eclectic
A fun, eclectic playlist with varied tempos of blues, swing, alt tango and waltz.

7:30pm to 8: Lesson TBD
8:30 -11:00pm- Dance w/ DJ Dennis Myers
Dance& Lesson: $15 to $10 sliding scale
The dance is open to all. Masks are optional but encouraged.
Norse Hall, Upstairs ballroom, 111 NE 11th Ave

Saturday, December 10 , Holiday Ball at Norse Hall

Sunday, December 10, Holiday Ball at Norse Hall

Join us for this annual celebration of dance and music. Use your entire repertoire dancing to a uplifting and classy selection of waltz, swing, Latin, nightclub two step music.

• Dress is urban eclectic- Blues jeans to Ballgowns.
• Enjoy Holiday decorations.
• Dance on Portland's premier large dance floor.
Cost; $20 to $12 Sliding scale, DJ Dennis Myers
Norse Hall, 111 NE 11th Ave

Sunday, December 18, Waltz Eclectic at Norse Hall

Sunday, December 18, Waltz Eclectic at Norse Hall

Sunday December 18, Dance Eclectic at Norse Hall

The dance this Sunday will be in the holiday spirit with danceable holiday music mixed with our normal eclectic playlist. Always a fun time.

10:30: Lesson: To be determined
11;30Am to 2:30pm: Dance, DJ Dennis Myers
Norse Hall, 111 NE 11th Ave.
Cost: $15 to $10 sliding scale.

Link for Paying for an Event the day of the event

Donate or pay for dance to Portland Dance Eclectic

Other Dance Events

First and Third Monday Dances at Lenora's Room

Join us for Monday night waltz, Swing, Blues and more.
8:00 - 8:30 pm- Lesson and warm up with Eric and Dorothy,
8:30 - 10:30 is open dancing to a varied playlist and a fun night of dancing.
Nov. 21- Live music returns

Dance is open to all and masks are optional. $15 - $10 sliding scale for the evening.

Lenora's Room, 3300 SE Woodward St

Tango Nexus at Rose City Studio

Next Dance Dec. 4- TangoNexus will be first Sundays on-going. 7:00 -9:00, $15 at the door. Rose City Studio. Music for the omnivore dancer. A great opportunity to practice tango in a comfortable atmosphere.

Rose City Studio, 1420 NW 17th Ave

Dec. 9 - Swing for Joy dance at Westminster

There is a lesson from 7-7:30. 
The band is The Sportin Lifers. 7;40 -9:30om
Address is 1624 NE HANCOCK STREET, PORTLAND 97212
Free parking in lot, come upstairs to the Great Hall. 
$15 per person
Vaccination required, masks optional 
For information contact Laurie Newman: 503-287-1289

Sesame Club dances are the first and third Fridays: Dec. 2 is Holiday Ball

7:30-10:30 Lesson followed by general dancing
$15, $10 members ($40 annual membership fee)

Drop-in lesson and CD music for all Sesame Club dances
General Dancing to professional DJ'ed music in the main ballroom.
Check the sponsor's website for dances that feature a live band

Norse Hall, 111 NE 11th Ave, Portland

Dancing at Rose City Studios

See for schedule of upcoming dances or Contact Lisa: (text: 971.255.0586)

Rose City Studio, 1420 NW 17th, $15. Vaccinated-only and masks

A Statement about our Covid policy.

Due to the evolving nature of Covid, our policy regarding Covid has been evolving along with it.
Currently our policy is:
1. Although we encourage everyone to get the current vaccination, we will not be requiring it.
2. Masks at dances are optional, but are encouraged, especially for those who have any high risk factors .
3. We also recommend that you do a home COVID test prior to attending a dance, especially if you have been in a situation were you could have been exposed to Covid.
4. Do not come to a dance if you have any symptoms of Covid
We realize some of our dancers will not be satisfied with our policy. It's hoped that all dancers will consider both their own health and that of their partners when making their decisions.

Schedule of Dances for 2022 (Location is Norse Hall unless noted)

12/3 Saturday Blues Eclectic 7:30pm to 11pm Lodge room

12/10 Saturday Holiday Ball 7:00pm to 11pm Main Ballroom

12/18 Sunday Waltz Eclectic 10:30 am to 2:30 pm Main Ballroom

12/31 New Year's Eve Dance at Lenora's Room, 3300 SE Woodward St.

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