Ari Levitt returns to Portland for two weeks of workshops and dances.

PDE and Dance with Joy studio are promoting the Weekend of May. 3-5. Below are descriptions of workshops he will be doing during that time.

Friday, May 3rd
6:30 pm Workshop #1: East Coast Swing Blending with Balboa, Blues & Tango!
“Blending” is the art of borrowing moves from one dance style and seamlessly incorporating them into another dance style. In this workshop, using ECS as our foundation, you’ll learn how to break rhythms and harness moves from balboa, blues, tango, and foxtrot to create something new and exciting! Comfort with basic 6-count swing recommended. No prior knowledge of balboa, blues, tango, or foxtrot is needed.

8:00 pm Workshop #2: NightClub 2-Step & Salsa Fusion
“Fusion” is a type of contemporary social improvised partner dance that combines different dance styles to create a new aesthetic. In this class, we'll borrow several elements from salsa and show how they can be seamlessly blended into NC2S. Comfort with the basic NC2S steps and partnering assumed. No prior knowledge of salsa necessary

Saturday, May 4th
1:00 pm Workshop #3: The Art of Effortless Lead & Follow
In this very unique class, we deconstruct the physics of movement, flow, and frame in order to better understand how to achieve “effortlessness” in your lead & follow partnering. These concepts can immediately be applied to any dance you do and is truly the sweet spot for all social dance connection. In today's class, we'll be drawing mostly from blues, tango, fusion, WCS, and NC2S. Not to be missed! Perfect for both beginning dancers or for more experienced dancers who want to work on fine-tuning their partnering, connection, and musicality skills, or who would like to try some role-reversal

2:30 pm Workshop #4: Waltz with Swing entwined!
Learn how to incorporate some simple bal-swing movements into your cross-step waltz! So fun and spicy to do :) Comfort with basic waltz steps and partnering recommended, however no prior knowledge of swing is needed.

4:00 pm Workshop #5: The Magic of Musicality and Conversational Dancing in Blues & Swing
Take your creativity, expression, and partnering to a whole new level with this fabulous introduction to poly-rhythmic blues and conversational dancing! Learn how to move to various rhythms & textures within the music; learn to connect to the energetics & lyrical quality of the musical phrasing. (open to all levels, no experience needed)

Blues Eclectic Dance Party
7:00 pm Pre-Dance Lesson: Blues Fusion

In this playful pre-dance all-levels lesson, learn how the newest dance genre of “fusion” takes many of the core concepts and stylings from blues and then opens the door for even more creativity, improvisation, partner-play, and musicality. All are welcome. No knowledge of blues or fusion is necessary.

Sunday, May 5th
1:00 pm Workshop #6: "The Magic & Deliciousness of Down-Tempo Swing (aka, Laminu)”

Fresh and hot from the swing clubs of Europe, Ari presents the latest styling to hit the swing dance community here and abroad, which are the wonderful and very relaxed steps & patterns you do with down-tempo swing. It's an absolutely lovely way to move and glide with your partner across the floor to the refrain of the slower swing songs and ballads (and one of Ari's favorite dance styles!). Come and see what it's all about! (Prerequisite: comfort with basic partnering in any dance style)

4:00 pm Workshop #7: Intro to Balboa (Pure-Bal/ Bal-Swing)
Balboa is a delightful partnered swing dance from the 1920's & 30's, typically done to faster swing music, rags, and Charleston's. Put a new "zip" & "pop" into your swing by adding some simple, fun, balboa steps and combos to your repertoire -- It's the perfect way to push the envelope into new swing territory and to learn to dance quietly & effortlessly to fast swing or jazz music! It's also perfect to take with the 1pm Laminu class, since Balboa and Laminu are very close cousins, and very interchangeable. (Level: all levels)
Monday, May 6th
Evening dancing at Lenora’s Ballroom
8:00 pm Pre-Dance Lesson: Fusion

Come and explore the latest genre of social partner dance with this quick introduction to "fusion". Learn how fusion music greatly informs your choice of movement, and how it invites you to utilize everything you know from all the dance styles you do and incorporate them into a single song. Really fun stuff! Not to be missed

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Ari Levitt is a world-class instructor, better known as the fun, energetic, and delightful teacher who can't help but infect his students with his own love and passion for dance, while at the same time instilling in them a much deeper understanding of the subtlety, nuance, and playfulness of lead-follow skills and close-connection in dance partnering. Ari has been partnering, teaching, and performing dance in the Greater Seattle area, nationally, and internationally for over 30 years. In addition, Ari is the co-founder and director of numerous international dance camps. More information:

Link image for videos of Ari's workshop

Tuition: $25 per workshop per person or save a little with $160 for all 7 workshops.

Pre register for workshops on the Dancing with Joy website; Link is here.

If you prefer to pay with a check or through the Portland Dance Eclectic website: Contact Dennis at PortlandDanceEclectic@gmail. com

Classes and Instructors for improving your dancing Skills

First & Third Monday Dances at Lenora's Ballroom

Join us for Monday night waltz, Swing, Blues and more. 8:00 - 8:30 pm- Lesson and warm up with Eric and Dorothy, 8:30 - 10:30 is open dancing to a varied playlist and a fun night of dancing.

On Monday, May 6, we are excited to have Ari Levitt teaching 'Fusion' at the ballroom.
Fusion, often associated with Blues takes on a new meaning as Ari breaks it down to
Micro, Macro and blended styling--ie. latin-waltz, swing, salsa-blues.

8:00-8:45 Fusion Lesson with Ari Levitt
8:45-10:30 Open Dancing to a varied playlist of Waltzes, Blues, Swing, NC2S & more...
Cost: Sliding Scale: $15 to $10
Lenora's Ballroom, 3300 SE Woodward St

DanceMode Studio with Brenda Russell

DanceMod Studios

Brenda Russell, a seasoned instructor and promoter, has long been a pivotal figure in Portland's dance scene and has extended her expertise nationally and internationally through workshops. Her deep understanding of the history and body mechanics of social dancing enriches her engaging teaching style. Currently, Brenda is leading a series of pre-dance lessons for our Blues Eclectic dances and also offers occasional pre-dance sessions for Sunday Dance Eclectics, sharing her knowledge and passion to inspire dancers at every level.

DanceMode Studio,
232 SE Oak St, #404, Portland, OR

Lessons and Dances at Dance with Joy

Dance with Joy Studio, led by Rachel Lidskog-Lim, is a cornerstone of the Portland dance community. Situated in the vibrant Sellwood neighborhood, their new studio boasts dance floors on two levels, perfectly tailored for dances and both group and individual lessons. Rachel, a seasoned instructor, has conducted pre-dance lessons for Portland Dance Eclectic and has also provided personalized instruction to many of our dancers. The studio offers a wide range of dance genres, supported by a team of exceptional instructors, making it a hub for dancers seeking both group classes and individual coaching.

Dance for Joy, 8051 SE 16th Ave, Portland, OR, 97202, Email: 503-236-8160

First Mondays. -Tango Nexus at Lenoras Room

TangoNexus will be on first Sundays. 7:00-7:30: Intermediate lesson with Sandy and Steve, 7:30 -9:30: Practica/Dance: Join to review and refine foundational technique, pick up a new move or new-to-you variation, and connect with fellow tango explorers ´╗┐, $15 for lesson and dance, $10 for dance only. Lenora's Room, 3300 SE Woodward St.

Cross-step Waltz Weekend in Seattle with Richard Powers and More!

At our events, many dancers prefer a relaxed style of dancing, which we call Casual Ballroom. From the very beginning, we have focused on the waltz and dance t o tempos more varied then you will find at many ballroom dances. We also dance swing, Latin,tango and blues in our eclectic format. Our emphasis is on the social aspect of partner dancing, rather than a competitive one.

The best way to learn how to dance is by actually dancing. You can start by attending group classes or taking private lessons. Then, you can jump right into a social dance, either with friends or on your own. Most of our events include a one-hour lesson before the dance, which is a great opportunity to get to know the group.

Below are some of our instructors who have provided pre-dance lessons at our events. They also offer both group and individual lessons.

Ariel Kaplan at Uptown Dance studio

Nightclub and Country series start this Saturday. Please pre-register to help me balance the class.

Check out Sesame Club for a Hustle lesson & Cross-Step showcase on March 1. Next Waltz Workshop is March 9.

.Go here for details and a listing of Ariel's other classes. Uptown Dance Studio, 14355 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard´╗┐

Dancing at Rose City Studios

See for schedule of upcoming dances or Contact Lisa: (text: 971.255.0586)

Rose City Studio, 1420 NW 17th, $15. Vaccinated-only and masks

The following are a selection of dances that may be of interest to you, not affiliated with Portland Dance Eclectic. These are just a few of the numerous dance events in Portland where you can enjoy dancing on a nightly basis.

Sesame Club dances are the first and third Fridays:

7:30-10:30 Lesson followed by general dancing
$15, $10 members ($40 annual membership fee)

Drop-in lesson and CD music for all Sesame Club dances
General Dancing to professional DJ'ed music in the main ballroom.
Check the sponsor's website for dances that feature a live band

Norse Hall, 111 NE 11th Ave, Portland

Waltz Every Sunday at Norse Hall

On Sundays when there is no Dance Eclectic dance, Don Harvey will be hosting a waltz at Norse Hall. Details coming

Dancing in Seattle

Northwest Dance Networks
Sat. evening dances, lessons, workshops and other events

Roll Up the Rug: Dances, Lessons and Events w/ Ari Levitt

Waltz Etcetera: Monday evening lesson and dance

Waltz Cafe, Century Ballroom 2nd & 4th Sundays

Links to other Portland Dance Instuction and Events

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