Tango Vals

Argentine tango dancers usually enjoy two other related dances: vals (valsecito criollo argentino, vals porteño, vals tango) and milonga.
Music for the vals is in 3 4 time. Tango dancers dance the vals in a rather relaxed, smooth flowing dancing style in contrast to Viennese Waltz where the dancers often take 3 steps per measure and turn almost constantly. Experienced dancers alternate the smooth one-beat-per-measure walk with some double time steps (often incorrectly called syncopated walks), stepping on one- two- or (rarely) all three beats in a measure. Vals dancing is characterized by absence of pauses; continual turns (giros) in both directions are not done as in ballroom quick waltz, although turns are sometimes introduced for variety.


Below is a Spotify playlist with some examples of Tango Vals

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