Portland Dance Eclectic was established primarily as a waltzing organization in 2001 by Dennis Myers and Nancy Matela. Dennis is the director of the music, and Nancy oversees the organizational details. Over the years, its success has grown not only due to the support of many dancers but because of its “eclectic” side. Dennis continually chooses music from all genres that stretch the community beyond waltzing, and out of that came the name Portland Waltz Eclectic. Recently some of the genres such as blues, tango and West Coast swing have suggested a dedicated dance which many dance groups are now calling Fusion Dance. Fusion Dance and Waltz Eclectic are now done at different times. To accommodate this widening circle of dance experiences, we have now established Portland Dance Eclectic. The only thing that has stayed the same over the years is a fervent dedication to partner dancing that honors the music as well as each of the dancers.

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